The Call of the New Year

What is calling to you in this new year of 2018? A fresh start? Perseverance? Reconnection? Or maybe simply to keep taking steps. I find it fascinating how the switch to a new year, over the course of a 24 hour period, can be so impactful for many. The truth is, January 1 represents simply the next day after December 31. What has shifted that causes the impact we witness around us or even in our own heart? Does time or its shifting actually have tangible power?

While I don’t really have an answer, I do know that events associated with time certainly do. Take Jesus’ entrance. The Bible declares that “in the fullness of time”, Jesus came. In other words, there was an appointment where time had to pass including all the events associated with it before He came. I wonder how much that dynamic operates in the kingdom life we all are seeking to live? What things in our life will come to pass only after a “fullness of time”?

You are not alone in your wondering. This question is resonating in my own heart beyond anything I have experienced to date. Which leads me to stop and explore my present journey and God’s presence in it. What is He calling me to? What of my future has a voice above all voices that seeks to captivate my heart, originating from heaven’s King and Father of my life?

As you ask this same question, I bless you with open channels to God’s heart in order to apprehend what is for you in this hour. In your discovery, may fresh courage and boldness fill you, empowering your steps and giving your life sustaining vitality for your journey into 2018.


For me, the reality of “presence” is a very important one for my journey. Whether in my relationship with Jesus, or others with skin on, the impact that presence has on my own heart is profound. I find myself regularly considering truth through the lens of presence, especially as it relates to what the Trinity speaks to me, whether in the written Word or personally. What I have come to know, day in and day out, is that I long for presence beyond my present experience. Yes, Jesus, be Emmanuel (God with Us).

Like you, I do experience it at times and in ways that defy explanation. Then there are those times that I’m found pouring my heart out without words, needing Presence to capture my fallen gaze. But answers do not always come. Many times silence reigns, both from Heaven and earth. Into that place, my questions then come about my own capacity…am I dull? Distracted? Cold? Wounded? Bitter? and the list goes on. All good questions, but not meant to be a place one should stay too long. But, some days I do stay…and in that place of broken unknown-ness, I discover a deeper longing. It’s like looking at the past-present-future reality of eternity as compared to the fragile shortness and passing of my perceived weak life (aren’t we all wounded and broken?). Some days I long for this eternity…to be present with all the other eternal beings, secure and strengthened by power beyond my own life. And yet, on other days, it feels my time here is still filled with life that needs to be lived in presence this side of heaven. A tension for sure, and one that anchors itself deep within my heart.

As I move through these shifting perspectives, I land in a place of wanting more of how I give of myself to those around me. I want to be “Present” for them, whatever that looks like. And to be sure, it changes by person and circumstance. Can I be that adaptive and sensitive? I don’t know, but am giving it all that I can.

If this echoes your own heart…let’s remember each other and be Present with one another, even when words are absent. May our paths be marked with our footprints surrounding others as we move through this dusty experience, captured by the invitation of Him who commits to us every step of the way.

A Life of Gratefulness

One of the most powerful ways we can give value to others is through sharing heart-felt gratefulness. To be grateful is to value something with attention and affirmation. Each of us desire to be valued and to be someone who positively impacts the journey of others. Through offering appreciation, we also influence the spiritual climate around us, where we contest discouragement and insecurity and release Heaven’s culture of power, strength and courage built upon love. In much the same manner, as God wants us to enter His presence with thanksgiving, being grateful towards others opens their heart to yours. A thankful life is one that demonstrates a fulfillment of heart that longs to help others feel the same. Share your gratefulness with great intention and lavished generosity. Your own heart will be transformed as together we witness heaven coming to earth.

Ageless Virtues

Regardless of time, culture or circumstances, the heart virtues of Jesus will ALWAYS reign supreme against the contrasting spiritual attacks we face in the journeys of our lives. Love, joy, peace, patience, kindness and so on, among others, represent the true reality of where power lies for transformation of hearts towards life. Put another way, that which is real — love, joy, etc — are the sources of power that fill the empty places of hearts where these virtues are lacking and described by opposite expressions — hate, despair, etc.  Jesus came not only to set us free, but to fill us with HIMSELF and with the power to establish life in the midst of places where life is not present. Shine your light everywhere…the darkest places are where it is needed the most!

Renewed Hope

For this hour, may the faithfulness of the Father, His Son Jesus, and the Holy Spirit bring renewal to our hearts for hope that reigns over every circumstance. May our eyes behold, our ears hear, and our hearts connect to the source of hope — The Lord Himself. As we do, I bless our hearts to not only be sustained by the power of the Holy Spirit, but also be transformed into beacons of light that drive darkness away and initiate life where it didn’t exist before. Let it be done!

Current Class – Walking in the Opposite Spirit

We recently initiated a 7 week class titled, “Heart-Style Warfare: Walking in the Opposite Spirit.” In this time together, we are exploring the depth and impact of Jesus’ command to respond in opposite to what we encounter spiritually around us…love for hate, blessing for cursing, etc. While we have already started, its not too late to get involved. Please contact us for details.