The Call of the New Year

What is calling to you in this new year of 2018? A fresh start? Perseverance? Reconnection? Or maybe simply to keep taking steps. I find it fascinating how the switch to a new year, over the course of a 24 hour period, can be so impactful for many. The truth is, January 1 represents simply the next day after December 31. What has shifted that causes the impact we witness around us or even in our own heart? Does time or its shifting actually have tangible power?

While I don’t really have an answer, I do know that events associated with time certainly do. Take Jesus’ entrance. The Bible declares that “in the fullness of time”, Jesus came. In other words, there was an appointment where time had to pass including all the events associated with it before He came. I wonder how much that dynamic operates in the kingdom life we all are seeking to live? What things in our life will come to pass only after a “fullness of time”?

You are not alone in your wondering. This question is resonating in my own heart beyond anything I have experienced to date. Which leads me to stop and explore my present journey and God’s presence in it. What is He calling me to? What of my future has a voice above all voices that seeks to captivate my heart, originating from heaven’s King and Father of my life?

As you ask this same question, I bless you with open channels to God’s heart in order to apprehend what is for you in this hour. In your discovery, may fresh courage and boldness fill you, empowering your steps and giving your life sustaining vitality for your journey into 2018.

Needing a drink?

One of the greatest honors I have is to spend time to hear God’s heart for others. His desire to speak hope, courage and life-giving vision marks the core heart He possesses for each of us. And like a river, this encouragement that only He knows flows without interruption.

So I ask…do you need a drink of encouragement from this river today? If so, please reach out. I will share what I receive privately so that you can consider it with the Lord personally.  Hope to hear from you.


Against the Flow

Daily we all face a similar struggle, likely centered in our heart thoughts. It comes like a voice of authority, bold and loud — “conform” it says, and to what? That screaming tyranny of the moment, demanding obedience to ways of this world and its culture of self-focus. And when we don’t obey its mocking voice of arrogance? It simply takes another form, surrounding us with attack after attack on the life-giving aspects of our journey, seeking to shift us into “survival” mode. We know its taste that lingers in our mouth, one of bitterness, distraction and life-less action that consumes our best energy. Soon, the moments, then days, and months pass with little vision and revelation. Looking back, we are flooded with regret, wondering in truth what we have lost because we were too busy just trying to survive. Sound familiar? Today, and for each of us in this place, I want to plant a flag of “thus far and no more!”. Our journey, no matter the circumstances, is meant to be continuously marked by life that not only releases hope for us, but also for others around us. How do we do this? Simply put…stop, turn and face the onslaught head on. Whatever the flow against you, Jesus is greater. His life proved that no matter what things looked like, there was more to Him than could be anticipated. And so it is with us. With the Holy Spirit within us, as released by Jesus unto all who bend their knee to Him as King, we too possess life from His own that cannot be anticipated. It beats to Heaven’s rhythm, in sync with the Godhead, and with a power source that NEVER diminishes. We were made to not only stand against the flow, but to charge it with greater weapons marked by the character of God — love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, and so on. So, stand tall and rush forth into the thick of the onslaught. Like the Red Sea before Moses, every lying voice will be silenced and banished when contested by the real truth of Life Eternal within us. You are a warrior…Let’s become the battle to every spiritual power who mocks the life of Jesus within us. All of Heaven is rattling earth with the cry of victory!