Ways We Serve

Personal Ministry and Equipping in Revelatory Encouragement (Prophetic Insight)
Providing revelatory insight (i.e. Holy Spirit inspired spiritual discernment/revelation) of God’s heart and current thoughts for specific people and/or groups of  people.  This particular ministry involves either Mark and/or personally trained teams giving this kind of encouragement, and/or conducting equipping seminars to train up others.

Personal Speaking Engagements
Mark is a passionate and seasoned speaker who longs to share the heart of God with others. Whether in a small home group setting, a conference or church, it is his continual desire to fan the flame of deep personal relationship with God.  As such, many of his messages deal with revealing God’s Eternal and Awe-inspiring Heart and Nature, as well as how understanding these realities affect our vision and walk as sons and daughters of God. Here are a sampling of topics that remain prominent:

  • The Freedom of Deep Relationships
  • Understanding Your Voice upon the Earth
  • Your Story and Its Connection of THE Story of Jesus in this Hour
  • Stained by the Blood of Jesus
  • Heart Rivers of Living Water
  • Being Extraordinary in the Ordinary
  • Finding abundance in the valley seasons
  • The Power of Beauty in God’s Kingdom
  • Love’s Freedom
  • The Power of Presence
  • Beauty, Wonder and Mystery

Equipping Series
To equip means “to furnish with the necessities for an undertaking, and to provide vision and practical application for such undertakings”.  A compelling equipper with many insights gleaned over his almost 50 year journey with the Lord, Mark desires to see others grow and become forces of change towards life in each of their personal spheres of influence.  Instructional and practical applications are presented, seeking to create an atmosphere that fosters growth and transformation.  All topics can be presented in either small group or larger settings, with Mark willing to provide on-going guidance and direction after completion of the equipping. The following series are currently available, and for more detailed information, please contact us…

  • The Ministry of Revelatory Encouragement
    • Learning how to receive, understand and share encouragement for others that is revelatory, releasing hope and courage in the hearts of those who receive it.
  • Advanced Sessions in Revelatory Encouragement
  • Heart-style Warfare – Walking in the Opposite Spirit
    • Maturing as sons and daughters of God’s kingdom where His heart character leads our responses to the circumstances of our journey.
  • The Heart of an Intercessor
    • Apprehending both the purpose and effect of becoming those who release God’s intention upon mankind, able to see the treasure in others.
  • Receiving God’s Heart – The Art of Communicating with God
    • A deeper look into the interaction we are invited to have with Him who is our King, Creator, Father, and Friend.
  • The Heart and Act of Blessing – Spiritual Influences of Life, Destiny and Abundance
    • Exploring the powerful birthright God’s people possess towards establishing Heaven’s will upon the earth.
  • Corporate (Group) Listening Prayer
    • A practical application for stewarding group prayer towards capturing relevant insights of God’s heart for the moment.
  • Redemptive or Restorative Prayer for Cities & Regions
    • A framework for creating strategic prayer efforts to release and usher in the God-intended destinies of Cities and Regions.

“Rays of Life” Writings
These include periodic expressions of prophetic words for the present time, encouragement from God’s heart and/or reflective thoughts written by the Francis’ and others. In addition, Mark also maintains an encouragement blog,  Encouragement for Life’s Journey , designed to give hope and courage to our hearts for each of our paths.

Spiritual Culture Consulting
Transforming spiritual cultures to reflect “heaven on earth” requires honest assessment, courageous decisions, and practical strategy for daily application. Mark can help both individuals and groups/congregations pursue this definable direction towards impactful change. Contact us for additional information and scheduling.

**NEW**  Relational Leadership Training
Modeling truths shared by Jesus in leading others through personal character and relational connections, Mark has created a new training course designed to focus on 8 key leadership qualities that impact and build lasting relational integrity in one’s role as a leader. Training can be provided in one-on-one mentoring and/or group sessions, starting with an Overview series of each character quality. From there additional levels of training can be pursued for deeper and more strategic support. To set up an exploring visit, contact us.

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