20 Years of Ministry

Twenty years ago this month, Heaven’s Dawn Ministries was born in our hearts. To honor our journey since this step, we wanted to express our gratefulness and share it with you.

The road since March 1999 has been filled with all manner of experiences. We have witnessed at times the intervention of God Himself, while during others, the infusion of humanity filled with God’s goodness and grace. Other times, we have endured great loss and pain, and our only encouragement was to hold on and persevere. The reality of God’s presence and love has sustained us, while at other times raised many questions over how to hold parts of our road. Through it all, we have tangibly felt His love and care, even in our questions, frustrations and pain. We know our journey is not unlike most others; however, it remains important to us to voice our deep gratefulness for the Lord’s faithfulness, care and love of us through it all.

From the beginning, our hearts were captivated for Utah, its people and its destiny. The past twenty years have provided many opportunities and avenues to share this destiny from God’s heart. During each step, our hope has remained the same – to see others connect to the one who made them and who treasures their life with abiding love and presence.

For those of you who have in some way joined our journey through prayer, participation, relationship and/or support, we are grateful for your sacrifice and gifts. As we have shared often, your involvement connects you to the efforts we believe God has put in our hearts, and He takes joy in your offering. We personally are touched by your giving and supportive heart. Please accept our heart-felt appreciation. You have demonstrated aspects of what it means to be part of the larger kingdom of God’s people.

Before we step into the next season of time with Heaven’s Dawn Ministries, we simply want to express our gratefulness and love to the Father, Jesus and the Holy Spirit. Their triune, eternal relationship continually arrests our hearts in their desire to share it with all of humanity. We are humbled to be called to this journey, and to share this relentless love with all we encounter. May we always experience the never-ending flood of heaven’s goodness as we become even more captivated by beauty, wonder and mystery.

Thank you for celebrating this 20-year journey with us!

Mark & Laura Francis
Heaven’s Dawn Ministries

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