Equipping Class Available

The Heart and Act of Imparting Blessings
Mark Francis, Instructor
Heaven’s Dawn Ministries


Description As God’s sons and daughters, we have been offered by the Father the power to bless as a birthright in Jesus. A blessing is more than kind or hopeful words; rather, they are intentional, tangible influences of life that result from specific, targeted, and crafted proclamations (oral or written), releasing Godly impact upon both the present physical world and one’s spiritual being. A primary purpose for giving and being a blessing is to establish a future legacy of overflowing life, clear destiny, and supernatural abundance for the world around us. This equipping class represents over 12 years of personal experience and practice, and explores the Biblical basis for this birthright, the role we each have for its release upon the earth, and opportunity to practice and strength our ability to offer blessing in all circumstances.

Start Date
Every Thursday evening from 7:00 – 8:30 PM
Starts September 8 2016, runs 4 weeks and ends on September 29 2016

The Fellowship church, 615 Sego Lily Drive, Sandy UT

Cost $40.00 / Person (due at first class)

What you receive:

  • Over 12 years of research, experience and practice from instructor
  • Copy of Details Notes, some of which will not be covered in class
  • Sample Written Blessings directed towards different audiences and serving different purposes
  • Opportunity to practice creating and recording directed blessings

Sign up Instructions/Deadline:
The deadline to sign up is Wednesday, September 7th by 8 PM.
To sign up, Send message through our CONTACT page providing your name, email and phone, and how many will be attending.

Other available Equipping Classes
To explore other equipping classes that can be brought to you, visit my website at www.heavensdawn.net .

Feel free to forward to others who may be interested.

Thanks for your consideration and I’m looking forward to spending this time with you exploring how we can become greater influencers of life in our world.


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