Unrealized Promises

I have a question for those would want to share. When faced with a history of experiences that are different from what you understand as a promise of God, how do you hold these in moving forward? I personally am on a journey with this and several other questions between me and the Lord. As I deeply value the journey of others, I’m interested in hearing your thoughts about this reality.

I’m sure we’ve all experienced circumstances in life that when compared to the promises of God, they just don’t fit — extreme losses, provision challenges, deaths of dreams, etc. Certainly, we can contribute to the lack of fulfillment through our own knuckle-headedness. But I’m interested in those parts of the journey that are outside of our own failures, when we’ve believed, expected, and sought for the direction and guidance of His heart, and yet, promises remain unfulfilled or absence in our experience.

I know, some will say, “it just wasn’t God’s will”. Well, I wonder if there’s more, even beyond that potential truth. If not God’s will, why the blazing fire in my heart for it? Why the life markers along the way that continued to encourage me to continue on? You get the point. Anyway, I would love to hear your thoughts. Thanks!

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