Against the Flow

Daily we all face a similar struggle, likely centered in our heart thoughts. It comes like a voice of authority, bold and loud — “conform” it says, and to what? That screaming tyranny of the moment, demanding obedience to ways of this world and its culture of self-focus. And when we don’t obey its mocking voice of arrogance? It simply takes another form, surrounding us with attack after attack on the life-giving aspects of our journey, seeking to shift us into “survival” mode. We know its taste that lingers in our mouth, one of bitterness, distraction and life-less action that consumes our best energy. Soon, the moments, then days, and months pass with little vision and revelation. Looking back, we are flooded with regret, wondering in truth what we have lost because we were too busy just trying to survive. Sound familiar? Today, and for each of us in this place, I want to plant a flag of “thus far and no more!”. Our journey, no matter the circumstances, is meant to be continuously marked by life that not only releases hope for us, but also for others around us. How do we do this? Simply put…stop, turn and face the onslaught head on. Whatever the flow against you, Jesus is greater. His life proved that no matter what things looked like, there was more to Him than could be anticipated. And so it is with us. With the Holy Spirit within us, as released by Jesus unto all who bend their knee to Him as King, we too possess life from His own that cannot be anticipated. It beats to Heaven’s rhythm, in sync with the Godhead, and with a power source that NEVER diminishes. We were made to not only stand against the flow, but to charge it with greater weapons marked by the character of God — love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, and so on. So, stand tall and rush forth into the thick of the onslaught. Like the Red Sea before Moses, every lying voice will be silenced and banished when contested by the real truth of Life Eternal within us. You are a warrior…Let’s become the battle to every spiritual power who mocks the life of Jesus within us. All of Heaven is rattling earth with the cry of victory!

A Life of Gratefulness

One of the most powerful ways we can give value to others is through sharing heart-felt gratefulness. To be grateful is to value something with attention and affirmation. Each of us desire to be valued and to be someone who positively impacts the journey of others. Through offering appreciation, we also influence the spiritual climate around us, where we contest discouragement and insecurity and release Heaven’s culture of power, strength and courage built upon love. In much the same manner, as God wants us to enter His presence with thanksgiving, being grateful towards others opens their heart to yours. A thankful life is one that demonstrates a fulfillment of heart that longs to help others feel the same. Share your gratefulness with great intention and lavished generosity. Your own heart will be transformed as together we witness heaven coming to earth.

Ageless Virtues

Regardless of time, culture or circumstances, the heart virtues of Jesus will ALWAYS reign supreme against the contrasting spiritual attacks we face in the journeys of our lives. Love, joy, peace, patience, kindness and so on, among others, represent the true reality of where power lies for transformation of hearts towards life. Put another way, that which is real — love, joy, etc — are the sources of power that fill the empty places of hearts where these virtues are lacking and described by opposite expressions — hate, despair, etc.  Jesus came not only to set us free, but to fill us with HIMSELF and with the power to establish life in the midst of places where life is not present. Shine your light everywhere…the darkest places are where it is needed the most!