Beauty that Marks God’s Kingdom

When you think about God’s Kingdom, particularly what distinguishes it on earth, what would you say? Agape or choosing love? What about the fruits of the Spirit? I suspect for each of us, our answer may be similar, but with some uniqueness given our own personal interactions with Jesus. I love this as it paints a fuller picture of the God-realm and all that it means.

For me, beauty is one specific aspect I have been seeking after, particularly its role in framing God’s kingdom on the earth both in our relationship with Jesus and with each other. I recently spoke about this at our home church to stir our hearts in this direction. I invite you to hear my comments and welcome any you may have to pass along to me (see podcast location below). I am coming to see that beauty is one way God draws us after His heart, but possibly in ways that we may not have realized. Enjoy!!

To listen, go to  The Beauty Of God Message

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