Beyond Our Reach

Generations come and go, each marked with unique contributions to the history of humanity. Some change life and its experience in ways that bring wondrous joy while others become dark chapters stealing hope from our hearts. In either, there remains a truth that each generation seems to have to discover afresh regardless of the experience of the previous. The God of this Universe, the Great I AM, remains beyond our reach of any and all our attempts to bring Him to our realm. In contrast though, NOTHING is beyond Him and motivated by His surpassing love for each of us, He reaches into our realm to invite us near. What’s more, His reach is more than a noble gesture from the Supreme King…rather He offers a relationship with Him with the only access point created by the offering of His One and Only Son on a cross of death that humanity constructed. A wonder above wonders, that He who is out of our reach, reaches to us to give our lives value beyond this life. Thank You Jesus…

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