Capacity for Mystery

What does mystery mean to you, especially as it connects with Jesus and His Kingdom? Early in my journey, I valued the pursuit of “knowing” Jesus, His ways and His intentions. Actually, I still value this very highly. However, I also realized along the way that in many cases, I was not leaving any room for mystery in this pursuit. I actually thought the more I pursued, studied and inquired, the less mystery I would have to deal with. What I found was the opposite and I will tell you I’m grateful. Jesus is incredibly mysterious — not just in the obvious of what He does. He is also mysterious in the “who He is” part of His heart and character. What I mean is how mysteriously radical He is in the real-life application of His heart in our experiences. For example, the mystery of His powerful and penetrating love surpasses any words we can contrive to explain it. Pictures, while coming closer, still fail to capture the fullness of its impact. No, its in the day-to-day flow of love’s life that we come face to face with the mystery of its source, its core truth and its designed impact and significance. To love like Him is to dwell in mystery. Maybe my life can capture a small part of this same mystery…I hope yours does too!

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